Local Gov Life

Local Gov Life – S06 Episode 03: Complex Issues Require Effective Communication Skills

Episode Summary

Local governments have a duty to keep their community informed, especially during trying times. In this episode we look at how top local government leaders effectively communicate-- especially around challenging topics. Our speakers, Greg Hermann, deputy city manager San Luis Obispo, California; Yocelyn Galiano, village manager, Pinecrest, Florida; and Mike Ekey, assistant city manager, Ramor, Missouri, all shared strategies and tips that will help any leader improve their personal communication skills and provide insights on how to develop those skills within their staff and organization.

Episode Notes

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*Participants in this episode were originally featured in a popular ICMA Coaching Webinar, Successful Supervision and Leadership. ICMA coaching webinars feature leading practices, strategies and tactics, and developing issues and trends in the field.