Local Gov Life

Local Gov Life – S06 Episode 04: Professional Growth at Every Career Stage

Episode Summary

In local government, professionals have a multitude of growth opportunities. This episode features Don Maruska, former director of ICMA’s Coaching Program and, chief development officer for Take Charge of Your Talent; Pam Davis, assistant city manager for the City of Boulder, CO, Ben Bryant, deputy city manager, Happy Valley, OR, and Bertha Henry, county administrator for the County of Broward, FL. These speakers share their professional growth stories from starting out as an intern to continuing to learn as a chief executive. No matter where you are at in your career, this episode has some great career advice for you.

Episode Notes

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*Participants in this episode were originally featured in a popular ICMA Coaching Webinar, Successful Supervision and Leadership. ICMA coaching webinars feature leading practices, strategies and tactics, and developing issues and trends in the field.